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For contributing to the health
and happiness of humanity

  • Pharmaceutical Business

    “What kind of product do we want?”
    -That is our basic idea to develop unique products.

    We have launched a number of products into the market through our distribution partners, which were developed and produced based on the result of researches.
    A unique concept and a new design of product is common to our products.
    We believe new product idea is hidden behind near-at-hand and that is truly what we want.

    We are proud of being a development-oriented company.
    We continue research and development today.

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  • Bio Bussines

    Connecting life & gut microbiome

    Noster has focused on research into perfecting the cultivation of a variety of anaerobic microorganisms in order to elucidate their function and potential utility to fight desease. The mission is to realize break throughs in drug discovery targetting the gut microbiome, as well as contributing to scientific advances in microbiotics to improve the health of people worldwide by multidisciplinary collaborations.


  • Cosmetic Business

    The flavor of the Florentine tradition revived

    Derbe body care products
    In Florence, the city where art and culture still live, a body care series “Derbe” was born that inherits a collection of herbal recipes from the Renaissance tradition. We deliver the flavor of the Florentine tradition to customers.
    We also develop Japan-original products while listening to the feedback from customers.

    Derbe Store in Kyoto
    In 2009, we opened the directly managed store “Derbe Store” in Gion area, Kyoto city. It was moved to the central part of the city and reopened as “Derbe Shop Kyoto” in January 2018.
    The store has a calm atmosphere, inspired by the streetscapes of Florence. We hope you enjoy shopping in the scented room.

    Derbe WEB SITE

    Derbe body care products

    Derbe Store in Kyoto

  • Global Alliance Business

    Contributing to the international community through our original Global Business model

    Nitto Pharma finds and introduces unique and useful overseas products to consumers adding a fresh dimension to the market. In return for the overseas products, we provide people in the world with a range of original Probiotics and its metabolites (Postbiotics) contained products. Our business field expands to the U.S., Europe and Asian countries.

    As a part of Global alliance business, we make proactive efforts to foster understanding of Japanese market and Japanese custom itself. The partnership with domestic distribution companies is essential to for selling products. We firmly assist the distribution company to prepare for retailing products mediating between overseas counterparts. The original business model plays a role in international contributions through the activities of import-export business and providing advice on sales promotions

    Global Alliance Business


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